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Corrugated Box 24" Wardrobe 24" X 21" X 48"

Corrugated Box 24" Wardrobe 24" X 21" X 48"

SKU: BX1005

Our 24" X 21" X 48" 51 ECT heavy duty wardrobe corrugated boxes are ideal for extra protection of your clothes while left on their hangers during the moving process. This 24" wardrobe is the largest in the business standing four feet tall. The double walled corrugated fiberboard allows for added protection and stability. Great to have for those tall and bulky garage items such as tools, brooms, and mops. Simply leave the top open!

  • Features

    • Box Type: 24" Wardrobe Box
    • Length: 24"
    • Width: 21"
    • Height: 48"
    • Edge Crush Test: 51 ECT
    • Burst Test (Mullen): 275#
    • Color: Kraft
    • Material: Corrugated
    • Wall Type: Double
  • Specs

    • This heavy duty corrugated box is designed to be used for the transportation of clothing on hangers during a residential move
    • Comes in handy for tall gardening tools, brooms and mops with top left open
    • 24" wardrobe bars are sold separately
    • Box seams are glued together
    • Meets requirements of ASTM D5118
    • 90/skid
    • 200 pounds per square inch of side wall puncture resistance
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