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Our Product Lines

At AMS, our comprehensive product lines cater to every moving need. From sturdy boxes and packaging materials to secure furniture protection and efficient moving equipment, we provide the highest quality solutions. Trust AMS for a seamless move with our diverse range of reliable and durable moving supplies.


Discover superior corrugated boxes at AMS for your moving and packaging needs. Our boxes are crafted with precision using high-quality materials, ensuring robustness and protection during transit. Choose from various sizes to accommodate items of all kinds. Count on AMS corrugated boxes for a secure and hassle-free moving experience.

Experience optimal cargo control with AMS's top-tier equipment. Our range includes sturdy tie-down straps, reliable cargo nets, and versatile load bars. Engineered for safety and efficiency, AMS cargo control equipment guarantees your items stay secure during transportation. Rely on AMS to provide the tools you need for a smooth and controlled move.


Wrap your valuables in safety with AMS's premium moving blankets. Designed to shield furniture and delicate items from scratches and dings during transit, our blankets are made from durable materials for maximum protection. Count on AMS moving blankets to safeguard your possessions while providing a stress-free moving experience.

Secure your belongings confidently with AMS packing tape. Our high-quality adhesive tape ensures strong and reliable sealing of your boxes and packages. Whether for moving or storage, AMS packing tape guarantees your items stay protected throughout their journey. Choose AMS for dependable packing solutions that bring peace of mind.


Effortlessly transport heavy loads with AMS's exceptional hand trucks. Our sturdy and ergonomic designs are engineered to make moving easier. From bulky furniture to stacks of boxes, AMS hand trucks ensure efficient and secure transportation. Rely on AMS for top-notch equipment that minimizes strain and maximizes convenience during your move.

Achieve unmatched item security with AMS stretch film. Our high-performance stretch film clings securely to items, protecting them from dust, moisture, and shifting during transport. From small packages to large furniture, AMS stretch film provides a reliable barrier. Choose AMS for superior stretch film solutions that ensure your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

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