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Bubble Wrap 3/16" X 48" X 300' Low Density

Bubble Wrap 3/16" X 48" X 300' Low Density

SKU: BU1006

This 3/16" X 48" X 300' Bubble Wrap is perfect for protecting your assets in delivery, packaging or storage applications. The 4' tall roll is not slit nor is it perforated making it useful in any application.

  • Features

    • Made from low density polyethylene
    • Protects from vibration, shock and abrasion
    • Used for void-fill and cushioning
    • Bubble size: 3/16"
    • Dimensions: 48" x 300'
    • Non-perforated
    • No Slit
  • Specs

    Height: 48"

    Packaging: Each

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