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FC1042 Casket Cover

FC1042 Casket Cover

SKU: FC1042

Created using the same material as our most popular Moving Blanket, this fitted cover is designed to wrap and protect caskets when being moved or delivered. With dimensions at 86.5" x 32.5" x 22", our cover should be able to fit any casket application you may have. This quilted cover is constructed of woven material on both sides as well as a woven binding. The single linear batting inside is held together by a double stitch zigzag design. Our quilted covers are colorfast to give extra protection if weather is involved.

  • Features

    • Engineered to last under normal use and conditions
    • High count Cotton/Polyester woven fabric
    • Zigzag lock stitching
    • One-piece linear batting
    • Finished corners
    • Pad Material: Woven
    • Trim/Binding: Woven
    • Dimensions: 32.5" x 22" x 86.5"
    • Color: Blue with Light Blue trim
    • Sold Individually
    • Master Pack of 5
    • Colorfast
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