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ProSeries™ ProMover (QTY:12)

ProSeries™ ProMover (QTY:12)

SKU: FP2021

Our best-selling moving blanket, the ProSeries™ ProMover is trusted and used by moving companies, furniture stores, and delivery services nationwide. Premium 100% woven polyester materials, high-quality construction, and superior durability make the ProMover a top choice for commercial and consumer use. Count on the ProMover to safely wrap and protect valuable furniture, appliances, and home furnishings for moving or delivery.

  • Features

    • Made with woven polyester materials and recycled cotton filler
    • High-quality construction, zigzag double-lock stitching, and strict quality control inspection
    • 60-65 pounds per dozen
    • Colorfast, not machine-washable
    • Color: Dark Blue / Light Blue / Navy
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