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ProSeries™ Mini ProStorage

ProSeries™ Mini ProStorage

SKU: FP2053-E

The ProSeries™ Mini ProStorage is the smaller 45” x 72” version of the ProSeries™ ProStorage moving blanket and is intended for storage or utility applications. The ProSeries™ Mini ProStorage is versatile enough to protect storage items but light enough for use as a packing blanket or shipping blanket. Non-woven jacket materials safeguard against damage, and the zigzag double-lock stitch pattern keeps the interior batting secure and in place. Use the Mini ProStorage for floor protection, automotive repair, automobile trunk protection, and more. Individually packaged for retail (1-Pack)

  • Features

    • Smaller 45” x 72” dimensions for storage or utility applications
    • Made with non-woven blended materials and recycled cotton batting
    • High-quality construction, zigzag double-lock stitching, and strict quality control inspection
    • 25 pounds per dozen
    • Colorfast, not machine-washable
    • Color: Dark Blue / Green / Black
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