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Hand Truck Aluminum Collapsible - 10" Hard Rubber Wheels

Hand Truck Aluminum Collapsible - 10" Hard Rubber Wheels

SKU: HT6071

Our collapsible hand truck makes for easier mobility for those on-the-go applications. The hand truck folds in half in order conserve space while still maintaining its ability to handle heavy loads.

  • Features

    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Handle collapses down and nose plate folds up allowing for easier handling
    • 5/8" axle
    • 10" Hard Rubber Wheels
    • Extended Height: 50"
    • Collapsed Height: 29"
    • Width: 18"
    • Nose Plate Length: 10"
    • Nose Plate Width: 18"
    • Shipping weight: 33 lbs
    • Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Specs

    1. Color: Gray
    2. Material: Aluminum
    3. Wheel Size: 10"
    4. Wheel Type: Solid Rubber
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