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Poly Bag Love Seat Cover 100" X 52" X 2 Mil 75/Rl

Poly Bag Love Seat Cover 100" X 52" X 2 Mil 75/Rl

SKU: PL1322

Each of our Poly Bag love seat/recliner covers are made of low density Polyethylene. This 100" X 52" X 2 mil bag provides a protective barrier against moisture and vapors while showing the quality of the product inside the bag. Our Poly Bags can be customized in many ways. They can be packaged as a roll with perforations in between bags, and the roll shipped boxed or cradlepacked or individually folded, also called case packed. Bags can be made for FDA approval, or be made with special additives for low water vapor transmission rate, for electrostatic discharge control, for chemical resistance and/or puncture resistant.

  • Features

    • Made with Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
    • Full visibility, full protection
    • Layflat Bag
    • Love Seat Cover
    • 100" X 52"
    • Thickness: 2 mil
    • Color: Clear
    • 75 bags per roll, boxed
  • Specs


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